Plant breeding programs at Iowa State University are recognized throughout the world for their very significant contributions to the productivity and quality of crop cultivars. These programs have been unique because they have integrated basic research on breeding methods and germplasm enhancement with the development of improved cultivars. Our challenge is to assure that Iowa State University's plant breeding program continues to be second to none. It is the aim of the Raymond F. Baker Center to see that mission realized.



Our Mission

The Raymond F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding

  • advances the science of plant breeding through hypothesis driven research,
  • develops enhanced germplasm and superior cultivars of improved productivity, nutritional value, and adaptability,
  • and educates the next generation of public and private plant breeders.


Raymond F. Baker, Plant Breeder

I feel that I have been especially fortunate in choosing a life-long vocation that I have enjoyed more than anything else I could do. For me, corn research has been both my vocation and hobby.
--Raymond F. Baker
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Nurturing a tradition of service to the people of Iowa, the nation, and the world.