Production of Double Haploid Lines (DHL) * in Maize


Average price per DHL

off campus

$ 47.00

on campus

$ 32.00

* A DHL is at least 1 homozygous kernel per doubled haploid plant

  • Minimum order volume is 20 DH lines.
  • All pricing is based on the assumption of a 8% induction rate and a success rate of 8.4%
  • Customer outside the U.S. will be charged an extra $ 120 per order for phytosanitary certification.
  • Please order latest February 28thfor the summer/winter cycle and June 30th for the winter/summer cycle.
  • Please contact us in time to discuss your project.

NOTE: A cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation of any on-going work. The amount of the fee is proportional to the amount of work realized at the cancellation date.