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Thomas Lubberstedt, Jianming Yu, and Maria Salas got awards from Plant Sciences Institute(PSI)

Iowa State University's Plant Science Institute has awarded funding to investigators in three colleges in an effort to stimulate high-risk, high reward research in the plant sciences. Three R.F baker members: Thomas Lubberstedt, Jianming Yu and Maria Salas got the scholarship. The awarded fund can be used in a more flexible way - salaries, acquisistion of equipment, seminar support, consulting fee and other expenses - to engage in innovative and high-risk researches that may lead to important breakthroughs.

Maria G Salas Fernandez received the 2013 American Society of Agronomy Early Career Professional Award and the 2014 National Association of Plant Breeders Early Career Award. 

These two awards are among the most important professional recognitions for junior scientists. These awards are conferred to outstanding individuals with a significant and original research program in basic or applied science, who have developed effective outreach activities and teaching at the graduate and/or undergraduate level and who have made important contributions to public or professional organizations.

Thomas Lubberstedt got a project for drought tolerance research

Dr.Thomas Lubberstedt and Walter Suza got a project supported by U.S. Agency for International Development’s Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative (iAGRI). Project funding of $740,000 will be shared with principal investigator Joseph Nduguru at the Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute (MARI), which will have overall responsibility for the management of the project in Tanzania. The research is to improve the drought tolerance and disease resistance of corn grown by farmers in Tanzania and sub-Saharan Africa.

New project for phenomic studies

RFBCPB faculty members are involved as a part of a recently funded NSF project to establish an Enviratron for controlled phenomic studies:

Thomas Lubberstedt got an NSF award

Dr. Lubberstedt received a NSF award to hold a planning meeting for establishing a Competence Center for Doubled Haploid Research (CeDHR):

New project sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

In 2014, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation sponsored development of eModules for three African universities ($ 1.6 Mio). RFBCPB and other faculty member involved, see: This project is building on the existing Distance MS in Plant Breeding at ISU (

Jianming Yu got the "Emerging Leader Award"

Dr. Jianming Yu was selected as the 2014 University of Minnesota Emerging Leader in Plant Sciences Award winner, based on his early career accomplishments in plant breeding and genetics, leadership in the field, and demonstrated innovation and progressive research.

Welcome Asheesh "Danny" Singh to our department

Asheesh "Danny" Singh was a research scientist and wheat breeder at the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, joined Iowa State'sDepartment of Agronomy as an assistant professor on April 1. He is now supporting faculty breeding research and graduate students pursuing degrees in plant breeding.

Welcome Jianming Yu to our department

Jianming Yu is a new professor in our department from Kansas State University. He is mainly focus on the research of quantitive genetics and maize breeding.

NSF CAREER Grant for Salas Fernandez

Maria Salas Fernandez has been awarded a grant through the Fac­ulty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program of the Na­tional Science Foundation. The CAREER grant is one of the most prestigious awards in support of the early career-devel­opment activities of those teach­er-scholars who most effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization.

Doubled Haploid Facility

The Doubled Haploid Facility, located within the Agronomy Department at Iowa State University, provides expertise and service in the production of doubled haploid lines in maize. The facility is run by a research team headed by Dr. Thomas Lubberstedt. Information about this service can be found here.

Professional Plant Breeding Lectures

The Raymond F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding and the Iowa State University plant breeding faculty will host a series of lectures on timely topics in plant breeding. The seminar series will feature researchers both on and off campus and will begin in October of 2009. The schedule can be found here.

Josef F. Schuler Fellowship in Agronomy Awarded

The 2012 Josef F. Schuler Fellowship in Agronomy has been awarded to graduate students Anderw Smelser. The fellowship, announced by Dr. Thomas Lubberstedt, is awarded to graduate students in plant breeding who have graduated from an Iowa institution and have a grade point average of 3.5 (out of 4.0) or greater. For information about the Schuler Fellowship and the life of Josef F. Schuler, see here.







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